“I Invest in Them Because they Deserve it” Local Doctor Leads Turner Students to Success

Video Recorded Before COVID

“Good afternoon everyone. I’m Dr. Hatch, a holistic healthcare professional.”

Dr. Judith Hatch takes time out of her busy schedule to help prepare students at the Turner Job Corps Center for jobs.

“Please don’t have it down on your face. We need to be able to see your eyes.”

Dr. Hatch’s enthusiasm and commitment are easy to see.

“The professional way in which you handle yourself on a job. Anyone else have an understanding of ethics?”

“I’ve been working with Job Corps for about 12 years.”

Dr. Hatch is with Holistic Healthcare in Albany, Georgia, one of Turner Job Corps’ many employer partners.

“What do you identify as being punctual?”

“I think Job Corps is an excellent way for students who need an extra push to get what they need from a classroom and then turn around and come and actually have on-the-job training in places like my clinic.”

Holistic Healthcare provides students with excellent training opportunities.

“And we’ve had a lot of good interns come out of Job Corps.”

Dr. Hatch says her visits reinforce what Job Corps instructors teach. And in some cases, students need that professional perspective as well.

“That is why I like being with them because I can tell them the same thing their instructor told them that now they’re like, ‘Oh, ok. The instructor was telling the truth. This is real.”

Another thing that’s for sure is the great demand for certified nursing and medical assistants.

“Yes, there is such a need. And that’s why I’m happy that this program exists over here.”

“I invest in them because they deserve it. The absolutely deserve a second chance. As you know, Job Corps was designed for children who might have been troubled youth. And they deserve an opportunity to succeed and thrive.”