Jasmine Andrade: Forging A Future Through Job Corps

Jasmine Andrade had just finished high school when a family member suggested Job Corps. Jasmine said to herself, “why not, I’ll give it a shot. So, I went to Job Corps.”

Jasmine STILLS
Jasmine Andrade, Sierra Nevada Job Corps

Jasmine says she immediately fell in love with everything about the center, especially the medical administrative assistant training program. “I fell in love with it. So, I knew this is for me. So, I went with that one. I love helping others.” Next, like most Job Corps students Jasmine took on an internship. Care Chest of Sierra Nevada is a non-profit company that provides free medical supplies and equipment to low-income residents.

Anne Schiller, executive director at CARE Chest of Sierra Nevada said, “Jasmine came to us under the Job Corps work-based learning program. We loved her. She did a great job. We’ve had some stellar kids come through, and she would be at the top. And at the time we had an opening, and we were lucky enough to be able to offer her a position. She has been here for over a year. And we’re just thrilled we have her on our staff now.”

Jasmine worked very hard during her time in Job Corps, but she still believes good fortune was on her side. “So, an opening was available, and they said what do you think about a job offer. And I said I would love that; I love it here. It feels great to help every single client here. It’s such a great feeling to see their happy faces. I’m bilingual so I’m able to help Spanish and English speakers. So that’s a great help for those who don’t speak any English because I can help those folks.”

Jasmine’s mom knows it was more than just good fortune. Mom believes in her daughter. Jasmine says her mom always says “I’m so proud of you. I know that anything you set your mind to you’ll do it. And Jasmine adds, “things happen for a reason so I feel like I belong here so thanks to Job Corps I can now be part of this and help other people.”

Jasmine Andrade
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