Job Corps Graduate now Employee is Eyeing Politics

Karece Thompson came to Clearfield Job Corps in 2008 from San Bernardino, California. He was looking to do something better with his life.

“While here at Clearfield, my number-one focus was getting everything I can get to make myself better.”

Karece graduated from the facilities maintenance program. He not only learned a trade but also gained numerous leadership skills serving in student government and participating in service projects.  And, he loved tutoring and mentoring his fellow students.

“Expanding their horizons,” Karece says referring to the students he’s mentored, “and seeing that light bulb go off in their head…there’s no better feeling.”

Next he transferred to MTC’s Gary Job Corps Center in Texas for the advanced residential advisor training program. A year after graduation, Karece headed back to Utah—this time two work as a residential advisor at the Clearfield Job Corps Center.

He stays very busy, between working at the center and helping in the community including working with the Clearfield, Utah City Council. And get this—he was recently elected to the Clearfield City Planning Commission. Karece credits Job Corps for his leadership opportunities.

“That learning process of trying to get students involved and trying to get people excited for the program and excited for leadership. Those things led me into local politics, because the skills that I took just from motivating people alone are the same skills I use when I am talking to people who might vote for me.”

Karece spoke at a recent community relations luncheon at the Clearfield center and and later invited a half a dozen state representatives to come to the center, tour, and meet the students in his dorm.

“It gave me the communications skills I needed to go into the biggest local political forms and talk to people and tell them how I am willing to work for them and how I’m willing to serve them. People depend on you to represent them; to represent their best interests and to make sure they are always secure.”

Karece says life is what you make of it and taking on extra responsibilities and participating in extracurricular activities while he was a student—really helped him prepare for a career.