Job Corps Students Explain Why “They’re Worth it” – Part I

Job Corps trains more than 60,000 students every day. Many of these young men and women come from challenging backgrounds and would have few career options without Job Corps. The estimated cost of one disconnected youth (out of school, out of work) on society is approximately $235,000 over their lifetime. That’s a heavy burden on society and even more so on individual lives. So, Job Corps lifts these young, at-risk men and women and provides them with life-changing education and training.

Graduates leave the program with high school diplomas or an equivalency and industry-recognized certifications in dozens of trades including construction, healthcare, automotive, transportation, business, and computer technology. More than 85 percent of all graduates are placed in good jobs, enroll in higher education, or join the military. The program is a wise public investment in our young people’s future.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll hear from several Job Corps students explaining why they’re worth the investment. Click above or read below to begin.

“Yes. I’m definitely worth the investment. I’ve been trying to get my education together for years and with my child, it’s like, I’m motivated, I’m driven, I’m hardworking.”

“I’m worth it because I know I’m going to be a future leader. I’m going to make differences in people’s lives.”


“I’m worth it because at the end of the day I’ll have a proper job where I can sustain myself and my family…at the end of Job Corps, I will have a better future.”