Job Corps: The Opportunity That Keeps on Giving

Can Job Corps transform lives? Let’s find out. We asked Job Corps students what the program means to them. These are their stories.

Job Corps provided Edward with a boost to his interpersonal communication skills.  “It was a good decision for me to come to Job corps, Edward said. “Before I came here (Job Corps) I was very introverted, shy, and wasn’t really social. I couldn’t get along with people. However, Job Corps gave me the  communication (skills) I needed to get past all that.”

Edward, Job Corps student

Ricky kept it simple, saying “Job Corps has been a wonderful experience for me.”

“Everything fell into place once I graduated from Job Corps,” Rosa explained.

Yaritza feels your effort reflects your Job Corps outcome.  “Job Corps has proven that you can get somewhere if you put your mind to your education, Education is key and there are a lot of success stories here.”

Akilah wanted more from life, and Job Corps provided that path. “I decided to go to Job Corps because I wanted to make a change in my life and I decided that ( Job Corps) was going to help.”Did Job Corps help Akilah? “Yes, a lot,” she said.

Akilah, Job Corps student


Job Corps student Shalimar said, “I want to take advantage (of Job Corps) to help me succeed in the future. This is just one step and I want to take all the resources I can from here.”

Dayna has felt the powerful impact of a Job Corps education. “After coming here (Job Corps) I’ve had so many opportunities, so many chances to succeed and to thrive, and they believe in me.”