Job Corps Update with MTC Senior Vice President Jeff Barton

As the winter has moved into spring, COVID-19-related restrictions are lessening at MTC Job Corps Centers. During a visit to MTC’s Centerville corporate headquarters, Sr. Vice President Jeff Barton provided a forward-looking update on Job Corps.

“Hi, I’m Jeff Barton, Sr. Vice President for MTC’s Education and Training division. Since March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to realign our services as we provide seamless services to our students. While those were some tough times, we relied on all of you, our great staff in the field at all of our centers to make it happen. And that’s exactly what we did. Through our corporate resources, our outstanding center staff and our students were provided seamless services throughout the pandemic.”

More students on Job Corps campuses is a welcome notion. There is great reason for optimism.

“And now, in 2022, the masks are starting to come off, our doors are starting to open, and our centers will be filled once again with our great students. We want to thank you for every day coming back, showing up, and making sure that our centers did not fail. It’s because of you that we’ll be successful in the future.”

Still Jeff
Job Corps Teacher

Jeff finished his update with a reminder of the strategic efforts undertaken to always place Job Corps student success as our top priority.

“In March of 2022, we hosted all of our operations directors here at the corporate office here in Centerville to ensure that we are providing the best services to our center directors, our center teams, and all of our centers across the country. Then again in April, we hosted our center directors, and we specifically discussed how we can provide top-tier delivery of services. We’ll continue this throughout 2022, but again, none of this is possible without the hard-working staff at all of our centers.” And finally, Jeff expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the efforts of the tireless Job Corps team.

 “So, from MTC to all of you, thank you for what you have done throughout the pandemic, thank you for standing strong, and thank you for what you will do in the future.”

Still Jeff
Job Corps medical training