Local Business Appreciates Brooklyn Job Corps Graduates

Job Corps students work tirelessly to develop the skills needed to launch successful careers. Do businesses understand the value of Job Corps graduates? MTC was in Brooklyn, NY, and decided to find out.
Bay View Urgent Care is just outside of Brooklyn New York, and the Brooklyn Job Corps Academy. Beth Schultz is the office manager at the urgent care facility. “I oversee the everyday running of the office. I hire the front desk staff and the medical assistant staff.”

Still Urgent Care
Beth Schultz sees value in Job Corps graduates

A great hope for Job Corps enrollees is to find employment post-graduation. So do students trained by Job Corps fit the bill? “Absolutely, Job Corps made my job easy, or easier I should say. We try to get the most from our employees through programs like Job Corps.”

She says the Medical Assistant program at the Brooklyn center is first-rate. “Medical assistant is a trained person and it’s a certificate program. They escort the patients into the room. They take all the vitals. They input why they are here, and all that initial data for the doctors before they come in. Once the doctors come in and do the examination and let’s say they order blood work then they go to the lab and the MAs are trained in lobotomy. They draw blood from the patients and prepare it for the lab, later the lab can pick them up at the end of the day. Medical assistants also do EKGs.”

Beth says the student interns and the ones they have hired bring a breath of fresh air to the rest of the staff at the care facility, who enjoy helping them learn more. “Because you only learn so much, even in a program like Job Corps. The hands-on here is so important. I think it’s a very worthwhile program, and special for those who don’t have the resources to put themselves through school. Again, I would recommend them to any of my colleagues and hope they will keep going and send me more people.”

Still Urgent Care
Brooklyn Job Corps