Local Support Fuels Brooklyn Job Corps

Job Corps provides enrollees the opportunity to gain workforce skills and grow in multiple ways. How well known is the transformative impact of Job Corps? We spoke to three individuals who help to make up the Brooklyn Job Corps Center community. First off, Transition Specialist and Social Worker Fay Kaufam.

Fay sees immense potential for Job Corps. “I really believe the world of work is extremely important to help kids move forward in life,” Kaufam said. “And I think Job Corps would be an excellent option for them. To help them gain the skills they need, develop new skills, to incorporate their interests, and find trade jobs they’re interested in. Just fabulous!”

Faye still
Fay Kaufam, Transition Specialist/Social Worker

Next, we spoke to Brooklyn Bureau Director David Johnson. Johnson echoed Kaufam’s support for how students can grow in Job Corps. “I think Job Corps actually gives the opportunity to individuals, that have never had to do it,” Johnson said. “It taps into their inner self to see that they are a product of their environment, but also, they are an active citizen in their community, they also learn volunteerism, and great things can come from it.”

finally, Tajma Hall is an employment specialist and former Job Corps, employee. She’s uniquely qualified to understand the lasting impact of Job Corps. “I very much love Job Corps,” Hall said.

“I actually use to work for Job Corps in the past. And, I just feel like it’s still a great opportunity for youth who may not be sure where they want to be and what they want to do in their life. It’s a great place to get going on doing something constructive and figure out just what they want to do in their life. I believe Job Corps will benefit a lot of the youth I see and work with. It’s something that can help them find their way.”

still hall
Tajma Hall, Employment Specialist