A new Career at Tesla thanks to sierra nevada job corps

A new Career at Tesla thanks to sierra nevada job corps

19-year old Jacqueline Fragoso Martinez has a cool new job, and she says she owes it all to Job Corps.

Jacqueline grew up in the Reno area and lived a few years in Mexico City with her family before moving back to Nevada. She soon found herself behind in school and in dire need of some direction. She said,

“I wanted to find a job I could enjoy, where I could make decent money. I heard about Job Corps from some friends of mine. I always liked cars, so I came here and chose the auto repair vocation.”  

She spent a little more than a year at Sierra Nevada Job Corps studying auto maintenance. When she heard about a tour of the Tesla Gigafactory—she had to go!

After the tour, she realized, “This is where I want to work!”

Jacqueline jumped through many hoops and finally got a job in the battery installation module, working with 1,200 pound Tesla car batteries (composed of 7,100 smaller individual batteries).  She began her new job in November, right after she completed the Job Corps program.

“What did I get from Job Corps? I got my high school diploma, my auto vocation certifications, and my driver’s license here, thank goodness, because it was mandatory for my position at Tesla. I did the work–but Job Corps gave me the opportunity, and I’ll always be very grateful. I have a good future now.”