New Opportunity for Edison Job Corps Graduates to Work at Global Logistics Company

Shaina Hawkins recruits for the local UPS in Edison, New Jersey which also happens to be the home of the Edison Job Corps Center.

UPS recently partnered with Edison Job Corps to provide part-time operations jobs to students while they work on their career studies.

“The students have been great,” says Shaina. “They’re really enthusiastic about the job. They’re really enthusiastic about this opportunity. And they’ve been a pleasure to work with.”

The partnership began with 40 students, but it’s expected to grow. Shaina has been impressed with the caliber of the young people.

“I’m going to be honest with you. From all the candidates that I see, Job Corps is one of the best.”

UPS hires most of its management staff from within. So, some of the students in office administration or computer technology may have an opportunity to move to a full-time position.

“We start in operations. That’s how most people start. I started in operations as well. You start in operations and then you move up in the company. I’ve had multiple students come up to me and say, ‘Hey, how do I keep going? I want to do what you’re doing. How do I get there?’ Which to me, if someone is just starting, it’s inspiring for me to see the students so excited about how they can grow.”