New York State Helps Prepare South Bronx Job Corps Students for New Careers

Cristian Chirila is finance director for the New York State Division of Human Rights. He’s a strong supporter of the South Bronx Job Corps Center and provides internships to students in the office administration program.

“Working with Job Corps students has been fantastic,” he says. “They prove to be very eager to learn and very knowledgeable.”

Students like Ashley McCuller-Thompson who’s learned quite a bit during her internship or work-based learning as it’s called in Job Corps.

“So, work-based learning has helped me understand the world at a different level,” explains Ashley.

For Ashley, the internship has been especially helpful when it comes to learning new computer software programs.

“I have a better understanding of the computer system and how it works.”

Cristian says he’s is extremely impressed with the Job Corps program and the caliber of students coming from the South Bronx center.

“They are here on time,” he says. “They are very punctual, very goal-driven. They know why they are here. It is really nice to work with someone that’s actually willing to listen and willing to learn. And that make all the difference.”

South Bronx students have done so well, Cristian says he’s moved away from hiring college interns and now only uses Job Corps students.

“They put to shame, many times, college students even. This program is amazing, truly.”