Oregon Job Corps Student Eyes Bright Future

Our story today centers on a student taking full advantage of the training provided in the Job Corps program.
“I’m very happy working here it’s a very good opportunity for me.”

Precious Assore loves working as a medical assistant at Columbia Memorial Hospital, in Astoria, Oregon. So, why did Precious choose Job Corps?

“Because I was looking for more opportunities in life. I was struggling before I came. I went to college before I came to Job Corps, but I couldn’t pay, and it was hard as well.”

Still Precious brighter
Precious Assore – Tongue Point Job Corps

So, she visited her old high school counselor in Beaverton, Oregon who told her’ “Job Corps is great training plus they will help you get started with your college education while you live there.”

Looking ahead to what Job Corps could do for her, Precious said, “My long-term goal is, depending on how much time and money I’m willing to spend, would be to become a psychologist but for now becoming a nurse practitioner.” Precious says she really enjoys working with patients. “When you offer help to someone, and you see a smile on their face. And, I like to just interact with patients, the fact that I get to help somebody I just enjoy that.” She believes in Job Corp. Precious sees how much help it can provide. 

“We need to keep Job Corps, there are a lot of people, there, a lot of young people that are in need of Job Corps. There are a lot of kids that will need Job Corps. Not everybody has the same pace. Not everybody learns the same in high school. Job Corps helps a lot of kids that cannot sit in the classroom for hours. It’s a self-paced program that helps kids that don’t learn the same way as everybody else. It helps you at your pace. It’s how you learn, it’s how you grow, and you come out with something good. You get a career and start your life.”

Still Precious
 Precious working as a medical assistant