Passion in Action: Michele’s Job Corps Story

Job Corps can change the lives of both students and staff.  Today, we highlight a staff member who has made a lasting positive impact on hundreds of Job Corps students.

“It’s my passion; I found my passion. I’m making a difference, and I love it.”

Stills Michele
Michele Sparks with Clearfield Job Corps students

That was Michele Sparks, who works at the Clearfield Job Corps Center in Utah—going on 18 years now. The first ten as the high school registrar and the last eight as the student services specialist at the United Auto Workers program.

Michele says, “I love being here. I love the students and all their success. And all my coworkers work as a team. We have a great program, an amazing program.”

Bob Beck works for United Auto Workers and is the Advanced Automotive Director at the Clearfield center. “Michele is awesome. She has worked with us for quite a long time. She’s excellent with the students and excellent with the staff. She is a great role model, and she’s a key to our success.”

Michele says the changes she sees in students from when they first get to the center to when they complete the program is unbelievable. “They’re starting a new chapter in their life. It’s huge. That’s a huge step for them.”

And she loves being part of it.

“I’m making a difference in these young people’s lives. “And that’s what I love about my job and Job Corps. I’m proud. I’m proud to say I work for Job Corps. Yes, come join, come join our team. We have an awesome team.

I don’t know what to say. I love it.”

Stills Michele
Michele Sparks, Clearfield Job Corps