Racheal Maximizes Job Corps Opprtunity 

Gregg Kraal is the supervisor of the customer relations team at Metrolink, a commuter rail service in Los Angeles, California.

“We have a contract with Job Corps, were on year four now. It is a great success, giving the kids an opportunity to work with the public. And it’s really helping out Metrolink and our customers. It’s an A-1 program.”

Stills Racheal
Racheal helps Metrolink customers

Racheal Oyewo is a Los Angeles Job Corps student getting work-based learning opportunities with Metrolink customers. “I like interacting with people. Making other people smile, telling them to have a great day, and giving them directions to where there going too. I know that if I were in a new city, I would like for someone to help me.”

So, is Racheal helping people get to where they want to? “You bet she is,” says Gregg her supervisor. “She just started with us; she is one of our top performers. Excellent with customers, she’s doing a fantastic job.”

Racheal was in college and working full time but still couldn’t afford to continue. She found Job Corps and the TCU program. “I wanted to be a train conductor and that was why I choose TCU.

Racheal said when she came to the United States from Nigeria at age 15, she set a goal to learn a lot about computers and technology, and eventually get a computer science degree.

“I wanted to get into computers so when any new technology comes out, I’ll be ready. I want to be the first to know about it and be the first to know how to operate it. So, I don’t get left behind. I do appreciate Job Corps. I believe it basically gives you the opportunity (for) a different life that you have always pictured but couldn’t achieve.”

Stills Racheal
Racheal working at Metrolink