Recipe For Success: Dondre Robinson

When opportunity knocks, are we all ready to receive it? For Brooklyn Job Corps student Dondre Robinson, seizing opportunity also means following his passion.

Dondre’s passion led him to Job Corps, where he is on the path to major achievement. As Dondre explained, “my family, they have a background in cooking, and they would like to open up a family restaurant.”

Still Dondre
Dondre Robinson – Brooklyn Job Corps

Dondre came to the Brooklyn Job Corps Academy and earned multiple certifications, including his GED. He says he is much closer to fulfilling his dreams and his family’s. And he gives the credit to Job Corps.

“Well, the Job Corps program is very welcoming to all different kinds of people,” Dondre said. “It appeals to your senses; what you like, what you don’t like. It’s a very good surrounding to be in.”

Restaurant professional Louie Shapiro says the center prepares the students for the job market.

“We hired eight or nine Job Corps interns and seven of them stayed on full-time, Shapiro indicated. “And some of those folks have gone into supervisor positions and chef positions. So, I’ve had great success with the Job Corps program.”

“Well in my trade we learned how to do certain kinds of cuts”.

Dondre says he learned so many tricks of the trade and is excited to jump into this new world.

Louie Shapiro believes, “If you love culinary arts and you love the hotel business, your love and passion for the industry will get you a long way in your career.”

Still Dondre
Dondre with Louis Shapiro