Same First Name, Same Career Path, Slightly Different Stories

After high school, Alejandra Gonzalez worked hard and tried to get into the nursing program at a local community college.

“It was getting expensive,” she says. “And, it was taking a long time for me to be able to get into the nursing program. So, I remembered that I had heard about Job Corps in high school. So, I looked back into it and I felt like it was the best decision for me to do.”

Alejandra Colome also wanted to be a nurse.

“It’s very difficult getting into a nursing program, she says. She completed her certified nursing assistant training at Los Angeles Job Corps, then went to work for two years and tried to get additional training. But Alejandra pointed out that it’s not that easy, “So, I was waiting around, I believe three years, trying to get into a nursing program at community colleges.”

So, both of these students, and in this case, both with the same first name, Alejandra, decided to enroll in another training program at the Los Angeles Job Corps Center—licensed vocational nursing.

And even though they are both pretty competitive, they ended up roommates and best friends. Both Alejandras are amazing. And, they both have a deep desire to help others in the medical field.

“The reason I want to be a nurse,” explains Gonzalez, “is because I grew up with my brother who had a health condition growing up. And, I was always around helping out. I was around doctors and nurses who were really a big part to my brother’s medical background for his health. And, I just always wanted to be that person who could help out even more.”

Colome has a different story but one that is just as powerful.

“I grew up in an underprivileged city in Los Angeles. And, I have experienced different circumstances where I really wanted to be a part of the aid that comes with healthcare. The medical field has a very strong influence in my heart…The medical field is where I have always seen myself as a person, as an underprivileged student, as a hard-working woman in Los Angeles.”

“I’m compassionate about being able to make a difference in people’s lives and being able to help them with their health,” adds Gonzalez.

Both these young ladies are grateful for the Job Corps opportunity.

Alejandra Colome concludes, “I know how very hard for it was for me to pursue my nursing career outside of Job Corps. So, when I found out about the program, I was very privileged to know that I did get accepted into it.”