See How One Partnership at LA Job Corps Helps Students Succeed

A Place Called Home is a community center for young people in Los Angeles. It provides tutoring, counseling, and case management services.

Dr. Lucretia Taylor, program director of teen services, says the center, “prepares young people to transition to adulthood. So, it’s like career and college preparation.”

Anthony Perez is a Los Angeles Job Corps student. After Job Corps classes each day he took advantage of the training offered at A Place Called Home. And today, he works there.

STILL place called Home
Los Angeles Job Corps Student Anthony Perez

“I’m working at A Place Called Home. I am the membership and parent services aid. Basically, I work at the front desk and welcome all the guests.”

“So, we’re in partnership with Job Corps and it really is a dual relationship,” adds Dr. Taylor. ““Job Corps sends us young people to participate in our programs. And they get some job training while helping us fill the need that we typically have over the summer [and] over the school year.”

She says by participating in these internships, LA Job Corps students become mentors to youth in the community.

“We embed the young people from Job Corps into our program. So, they’re helping to implement programming we have here for our young people. So, whether that’s being in the arts studio, helping with our athletics programs, helping develop and oversee programs, or participating in our operation functions. They are an integral part to our summer program, and we wouldn’t be able to really service the young people like we want to without Job Corps.”

STILL place called Home
Dr. Lucretia Taylor, A Place Called Home

We asked her if the Job Corps students learn from this experience.

“Absolutely. For some of them this is their first worksite. So, not only are they getting work experience but we’re also coaching them. So, having them here at A Place Called Home, we are able to also provide mentorship. We also refer young people to Job Corps. If we have young people who are looking for job training or need to graduate from high school, to earn their diploma, we send them to Job Corps.

Dr. Taylor adds, “We believe in the Job Corps model because it helps young people who may not have these opportunities to work at a place like A Place Called Home; or other opportunities.”

STILL place called Home
Los Angeles Job Corps Student Anthony Perez

And Anthony Perez learned something about himself. “Non-profit work is not something I was used to. But once I got into it, I fell in love with it. So, I’m glad to be here.”

“The Job Corps members have big hearts,” Dr. Taylor says. “And, they have a great time here, at A Place Called Home.”

STILL place called Home
A Place Called Home