She Fled a Difficult Situation Oversees to Find a New Start at Earle C. Clements Job Corps

Veronique Ngabira is from the Republic of Congo. “Our life wasn’t easy it was kind of difficult,” she says.

She was very young when she came to America.

“I was five years old. I grew up with my sister, it’s when we left the Congo to come here to the United States as immigrants.”

Veronique left her home, a refugee camp, at the age of five with her older sister.

She points out a sad fact. “I’ve never grew up with my mom or my dad.”

She is so grateful to be in her new country, but it hasn’t been easy, and she was scared at times, but she says,

“I had a dream at becoming a medical assistant or working in the medical field; helping and assisting people that aren’t able to help themselves.”

Veronique struggled for a while, until a friend led her to Job Corps.

“She told me how it would really help me. Because, I was about to quit high school. And, she told me I should not quit.”

She ended up at Job Corps. And, she plans to get the most from it. Her goal is to be a registered nurse.

“It’s an amazing program,” she says. “I’ve grown up in an environment where there wasn’t help. You see people lying over there and they’re sick, and there wasn’t help. My dream I’ve had since I was a child was, I wish I had the power to be able to cure and to help.”

Instructor Latvia Garnett says Veronique is very special.

“Phenomenal young lady. Her thing is she wants to see everybody succeed. That is her main goal. She’s an amazing young lady. An amazing student. And, one of my classroom leaders.”

Veronique says she’s never felt better and surer about herself. She is grateful for Job Corps.  “They welcome me as if I were their own blood. They welcome me as if to make me feel at home. The support that they give me is what is making me run forward to what I need.”

Veronique’s instructor adds, “I saw something in her. And, I told her, one day your story is going to go and help other people.”