Sierra Nevada Job Corps Graduate Paves the Way at Local College

Sierra Nevada Job Corps Graduate Paves the Way at Local College

Sierra Nevada Job Corps advanced career training student John Melton has become a big part of an innovative, cost-cutting solution for students attending Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC).

Earlier this year, John began working as an intern at the college’s library under the tutelage of Head Librarian Neil Siegel. Neil received a $5,000 Federal Innovations grant to explore and develop Open Educational Resources.

John’s assignment—search online for older, digitized textbooks for the college students to use, while simultaneously creating a process for other library researchers to use.

It worked! John saved students tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars they would have had to pay for textbooks.

Truckee Meadows Community College recently awarded John with a certificate of recognition.

“He’s smart,” says Neil, “he’s very persistent, and he never complains. I believe his potential is pretty much unlimited.”

John, an office administration graduate from Las Vegas, is nearing the end of his 135-hour internship.

“I really have enjoyed working with these great people at the library. I am seriously thinking of a career in law research after I’m done here at TMCC. I couldn’t have done all this without Job Corps providing business training, tuition, and a free place to live, along with transportation. Whenever possible, I want to give back to Sierra Nevada Job Corps students attending the college.”  

Marcie Iannacchioni, John’s internship coordinator, returned the compliment.

“John did all the legwork for his internship. It’s been great having him here. This young man has a lot to offer.” 

John’s Job Corps counselor Amanda Lyons had this to say: “John has been an exceptional student not only through our ACT program but also in his internship.  Not only has he gone into the community and represented Job Corps well, but he has also helped our ACT program begin to develop a future relationship with the TMCC internship program.”