Springdale Job Corps Gave This Young Man Much More Than an Education

Springdale Job Corps Gave This Young Man Much More Than an Education

Timmy Khanthavong first heard about Job Corps when he was in high school. He started running into some challenges, and his grades started to slip. So, his parents encouraged him to go to the Springdale Job Corps Center in Troutdale, Oregon.

“My first impressions,” he explains, “[was that] it was way out there!” But once he started to get into the flow of Job Corps life, he adds, “I felt like I could breathe and put myself in a position to do my work better so that I could be successful.”

Timmy’s goal is to join the Marines, so he decided to study protective services, one of the many programs Springdale Job Corps offers. “I thought it would be a good starting point,” says Timmy.

He recently graduated and was hired by G4S, a global security company. His first assignment it to ensure those who use TriMet MAX (light rail commuter system) are safe.

“Springdale [Job Corps] has taught me about life and how to prepare for my future.”

Timmy says even more important, staff helped him to see his true potential.

“I thought I was useless, but Springdale changed me. My self-esteem improved the longer I was here because everyone was so friendly and helpful. With everyone helping me, I worked harder to improve myself and to make sure I didn’t disappoint the ones supporting me.”