Springdale Job Corps Was Just What this Student Needed

Since coming to the United States, 25-year-old Mue Bie has lived from coast to coast. She moved around with her parents searching for work. Her sister, who is a certified nursing assistant, suggested Job Corps.

“She told me to to come here because I will learn lot. And, when I finish my trade, I want to get a good job. After I get a good job, I want to help other people,” explains Mue.

At age 24 Mue didn’t have a lot of options to improve her education.

“Because I’m already older now, I can’t go to high school. So, it’s a good opportunity to come here. I want to be a pharmacy tech, so I choose to come here. I feel so lucky that Springdale Job Corps gave me the opportunity and gave me a free education so that I can study, and I can fulfill my dream and my goals for the future.”

Mue says Job Corps definitely works.

“Without Job Corps, I don’t think I could get a high school diploma. I got my high school diploma, and I got my pharmacy tech license. And when I need help, they never refuse me. They help me as much as they can. And, anything I need, if I ask them, they will help me all the time. So, I just want to thank Springdale Job Corps so much. They always help me, and I feel so grateful for that.”