Students in Hawaii Job Corps’ Security Program Learn from the Pros

Students in Hawaii Job Corps’ Security Program Learn from the Pros

Internships and employer site visits are vital to a Job Corps student’s success in their future career. Exposure to real job situations prepares students to succeed in the workplace.

Students in the security program at the Hawaii Job Corps Center recently visited Sea Life Park to learn from professionals in their future field.

The group learned about the duties of security personnel at the park including how to handle potential threats and how to provide good customer service.

Student Lisa Pine learned the importance of communication in the security field.

“Good to know that with so many tourists from everywhere, communication skills are so important.”

Operations Manager Rene Mangelwol talked to the students about her staff’s daily duties, expectations, patrolling equipment, surveillance video, and many other facets of the security trade.

Student Mose Timoteo really keyed in on one thing Rene shared.

“If you’re bored here, you are doing a good job.”

Security Trade Instructor Rob D’Andrea knows the benefits of partnering with strong local employers like Sea Life Park.

“We are happy to have a relationship with Sea Life Park. All of my trainees who have interned there have enjoyed the experience, and two of them were offered employment. It’s very family friendly and customer-service oriented. Their security department is a great operation.”