The Only Program of Its Kind in Job Corps and It’s at Hartford

Hartford, Connecticut is the insurance capital of the world. Insurance companies are everywhere in downtown Hartford: Aetna, Travelers, Steam Boiler, the Hartford, and the list goes on. These companies make the city of Hartford unique and make the Hartford Job Corps Center unique.

Because of the city’s high concentration of insurance companies, Hartford Job Corps is the only center in the country that offers the insurance and financial services program. Kyler Waters is the instructor.

“I like to say this is probably one of the more successful trades, if not the most successful trades on campus. There are others that will debate that.”

One thing that isn’t debatable is that graduates from this program find good jobs.

“Right now,” Kyler says, “I have three students who are going to be doing a paid internship with one of my partners. And they’re asking for more people to interview.”

The program focuses on customer service and prepares young people for certifications in various computer software programs including Microsoft Office, with a heavy emphasis on Excel.

“Very few people are actually exposed to Excel and managing a spreadsheet, doing calculations on a spreadsheet. It’s very useful in the financial sector.”

Another thing that sets this program apart is the emphasis it places on a strong work ethic.

“Anybody can use a computer. Anybody can be taught to do something. But if you don’t have the work ethic and the attitude, then that’s the difference.”