They Work with Disney, Universal, and Paramount—and now LA Job Corps

Video Recorded Before COVID

Gavin Smith is president of McKenna Boiler Works in Los Angeles, California. The company has been in business for more than 90 years. And for the past four years, it’s teamed up with Los Angeles Job Corps to give students internships and jobs.

Gavin says, “Job Corps has given us a gateway to bring in young people who want to work and who want a job.”

Employers need skilled workers. We asked Gavin why he chooses to work with Job Corps students:

“When we first decided to do it, I think a lot of it was we wanted an opportunity to meet with kids that truly have a desire to work. When we first met some of the leaders there at Job Corps, we were intrigued by what their philosophies were. And, the first young man they had come work with us and shadow us, really had a great desire to work. And honestly, they have been a pleasure to build with our team here.”

Los Angeles Job Corps students Samuel Makiese and Juan Raudales are both working at McKenna Boiler Works as interns. They appreciate the opportunity and are thankful for Job Corps.

“Ever since going there”, Juan says, “I got my high school diploma. I got my driver’s license, and they have opened a whole new world for me.”

Samuel says, “They’re going to help you get trained so you can find a job. And also, the staff members are going to help you gain some skills, the kind of skills you’re going to need in the workplace. And after that, they’re still going to help me even when I’m going to leave Job Corps find maybe housing and find a job.”