This Job Corps Student in Wyoming is Doing All She Can to Succeed

Video Recorded Before COVID-19

Twenty-year-old Heather Magallanez from Narvada, Colorado, is proud of what she has accomplish at the Wind River Job Corps Center in Riverton, Wyoming.

“What brought me to Wind River Job Corps is that my little sister actually went to the Clearfield Job Corps in Utah. So, I decided that this could be a good opportunity for me to go somewhere and get a career. So, I went and choose the diesel mechanic trade and the heavy equipment operator trade.”

Heather says she’s worked hard at Job Corps.

“What I have accomplished is that I got my high school diploma, I got my driver’s license, and then, I went on to get my commercial driver’s license (CDL). And, this white truck right behind me is what helped out get my Class B CDL. I got to learn how to drive a variety of different machines here at the center and I learn all about them.”

And along with that knowledge comes valuable, national certifications.

“My certifications just kept on coming and coming. And then I realized what this place is doing for me, it helped me accomplish so many things. And the more things I accomplished that seemed to me motivated me more and more and more.”

Heather is ready to return home with a new career path.

“Now, I’m going to the local Nine Union in Narvada, Colorado, and I’m going to be making around 30 dollars an hour.”