Tongue Point Students Receive Standing Ovation for Helping Dogs

The Tongue Point Job Corps Center was honored to receive the Chopper’s Hero of the Year award at the Fences For Fido Backyard Heroes Gala event. Students and staff provided more than 500 hours of service to build fences and help the nonprofit’s goal of unchaining our four-legged friends in Oregon and Washington. Students James Johnson, Jared Norvell, Nathan Peacock, and Christina Rowell along with staff Robbi Richeson and David Ramsey were met with a standing ovation during the event. And not only did they provide a tremendous service, students were also able to practice their building construction technology, carpentry and leadership skills.

Fences for Fido was so impressed with Tongue Point Job Corps’ service, they put together a short video. Click above to view the story. The video captures these students and staff:

“I’m Chase Leatherman. I’m 19 years old. I’m a student at Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria, Oregon. I’m here because I met Robbie, my GED instructor, in class. And she asked me if I liked dogs and liked to work. And, the answer was yes to both.”

“I am Nathan Peacock. I am 19. I’m currently a student at Tongue Point Job Corps. The reason I started doing this is, while I was in the GED class my teacher Robbie told me about something she thought I would enjoy. She wanted me to get involved, and I really wanted to because I love animals. I’ve had dogs my whole life.”

“I am the academics GED instructor at Tongue Point Job Corps. My name is Robbie Richesen. I’m very passionate about animals, and I’m very passionate about unchaining animals. And I think my students definitely feel the same way. The fact that they keep coming back and checking in with me and signing up for building projects, repeatedly, shows me my students are engaged with their love for animals. And they feel very good about what they’re doing, so we’re going to continue doing this building fenced-in areas for dogs. It wouldn’t have happened if the Job Corps center in Astoria had not jumped and said, fabulous idea. We want you to do this. We will give you the use of the vans and lunches for your kids. You have our support and you can volunteer as many times as you like.”

Chase adds, “I’m so grateful that she offered me the opportunity to come here and do this. She always goes out of her way to help everybody.  And she gives us the chance to give back. We’re grateful for the chance to help others.”

Peggy says, “She looks at it as kind of a reward for her students. And, the students are very willing to give up a lot of hours from their free time. She says she is very moved that her students are being recognized.”