Vivian Scott: Believing in Job Corps

This week in MTC News, we highlight the efforts of an individual going the extra mile to support the positive outcomes of Job Corps.

“What Job Corps does is allow training so they can at least get in the door.”

Stills Vivian
Vivian Scott

Vivian Scott is a recruiter and internship coordinator for Agilant Solutions. She says Job Corps is a smart way to start for young job seekers.

“It gives you the groundwork, it gives you the knowledge in IT. And a company can say we don’t have to teach you everything at least you have the foundation that we can build on.”

A foundation that can lead to a bright future. Vivian says they have hired a lot of Brooklyn Job Corps Grads…

Stills Vivian
Brooklyn Job Corps Center

Vivian added it is a really good first step for young job seekers.

Job Corps works because it allows a young person to get training, where if they walk into a company and the lack experience which may not help them get hired, but if you first go to Job Corps, a creditable organization, a company may be more likely to take them in from that avenue rather than if they just walk in off the streets. I think Job Corps is a great program and I think it should continue. And it’s wonderful for me to see someone who’s from the same area I’m from get a chance to make a nice salary and live a nice life. I’ve had the pleasure to have them here. They started working for us they had families and are full-grown adults, so it’s a great situation.”