Type: Full-Time
Category: Education & Training
Division: Job Corps
Location: South Bronx Job Corps Center (Bronx, New York)

Position Summary:

Reports to the academics manager. Responsible for providing academic instruction to students in accordance with approved curricula for reading and ESL. Provide students with basic direction, in compliance with government and management directives.

Essential Functions:

1. Provide students with basic direction, instruction and assistance in designated area(s) of instruction.

2. Motivate and counsel students in areas of behavior, training, personal problems or study habits; coordinate with other staff as necessary to resolve issues affecting student training.

3. Develop and prepare lessons; recommend curricula changes and supplemental materials.

4. Utilize workplace language and behavior expectations in the classroom; on a routine basis, relate academic skills to career technical training and workplace requirements; inquire if individual students need assistance.

5. Review and audit all assigned areas regularly for contractual compliance and effectiveness of delivery of services to students. Prepare related reports.

6. Participate on student evaluation panels; prepare required documentation and evaluations using CIS, as well as other systems of documentation. Enter case notes into the CIS system as required and in accordance with established timelines.

7.Participate in student activities associated with the intellectual and social development of students.

8. Assist in developing community linkages and volunteers for the department.

9. Support, promote, and enforce the Job Corps’ Zero Tolerance Policy.

10. Promote the development of Career Success Standards by modeling appropriate behaviors, mentoring students where necessary and monitoring both positive and negative behaviors through interventions.

11. Maintain accountability of students and property; adhere to safety practices.

12. Cultivate and maintain a climate on center which is free of harassment, intimidation and disrespect to provide a safe place for staff and students to work and learn.

It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Bachelor's degree and valid teaching licsence in the state of New York. One year instructional experience preferred. Experience with youth, excellent written and verbal communication skills and computer proficiency also required. Valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record, unless waived by management.


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