Type: Full-Time
Category: Administrative
Division: Job Corps
Location: St. Louis Job Corp Center (St. Louis, Missouri)

Reports to the wellness manager.  Responsible for a variety of clerical and administrative duties in compliance with government and management directives.

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain records and files; assemble intake charts weekly.
  2. Type correspondence, reports and letters. Log and distribute incoming mail, prepare outgoing mail, answer telephone and convey messages.
  3. Check in students for their medical appointments with center providers and pull charts for the day’s appointments.
  4. Schedule students for appointments with center physician, psychiatrist, dietician, ophthalmologist, physician extenders and nurses; prepare student referrals daily for provider appointments.
  5. Create weekly intake lists for providers and assist with intake procedures.
  6. Maintain group sign-in logs for TEAP and prepare referrals for TEAP groups, weekly breathalyzers and weekly follow-up UA screenings.
  7. Enter student accident reports into DOL SHIMS website in a timely manner.
  8. Enter disability information on new students into EIS.
  9. Prepare and distribute weekly and monthly statistical reports on the drug and alcohol use on center.
  10. Participate in Career Development Services System.
  11. Maintain a safe and clean work area that models high standards for a work environment.
  12. Provide positive, quality customer services to students, staff and other center customers.
  13. Participate in student employability programs and activities.
  14. Support, promote, and enforce the Job Corps’ Zero Tolerance Policy.
  15. Promote the development of Career Success Standards by modeling appropriate behaviors, mentoring students where necessary and monitoring both positive and negative behaviors through interventions.
  16. Maintain accountability of staff, students and property; adhere to safety practices.

It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management.

Education and Experience Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent and two years related experience. Excellent written and verbal communications skills and computer proficiency required.  Valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record, unless waived by management.


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