Type: Full-Time
Category: Security
Division: Job Corps
Location: Atterbury Job Corps Center (Edinburgh, Indiana)

Essential Functions:

  1. Ensure the physical security of buildings, center vehicles and property by checking doors, windows, lights, electrical appliances, equipment, locks and emergency equipment; maintain log of findings and corrective action taken.
  2. Advise and train security officers in security procedures.
  3. Assist in transporting ill or injured for care, as required; give first aid when necessary.
  4. Assist in reporting and suppressing fires.
  5. Assist staff and law enforcement personnel in controlling disturbances; conduct preliminary investigation and submit accident reports.
  6. Act as liaison with neighboring law enforcement and fire agencies.
  7. Perform administrative functions such as logs, incident reports and accident documentation; conduct investigations as directed.
  8. Assure accountability of students, staff and visitor check‑out and check‑in proceedings by scheduling guard station coverage.
  9. Perform all duties ascribed to security officers.
  10. It is expected the incumbent will work overtime when directed to do so.

Education and Experience Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent and two years experience. Supervisory experience preferred. Experience with youth, excellent written and verbal communications skills and computer proficiency required. Valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record, unless waived by management.

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