Type: On-call
Category: Food Services
Division: Job Corps
Location: Tongue Point Job Corps Center (Astoria, Oregon)

Assist the dining hall staff with clean-up, sanitation, and food preparation in compliance with government and management directives. Perform clean-up and sanitation in the dish room and in the food preparation and storage areas. Complete data entry of new recipes into a word processing system. Ensure appropriate health standards are maintained at all times. Assist with preparation and storage of food as directed. Support, promote, and enforce the Job Corps’ Zero Tolerance Policy. Promote the development of Career Success Standards by modeling appropriate behaviors.

Wage: $12.75/hr

This position is open to active Tongue Point Job Corps students, living on center, who are currently on silver, gold or platinum privilege level. 

Must have an aptitude for cafeteria-type duties, dress to comply with sanitation and safety regulations, 90 days on center. Reliability and punctuality and the ability to follow directions.

Management & Training Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer – Minority/Female/Veteran/Disabled

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