Type: Full-Time
Category: Other
Division: Job Corps
Location: St. Louis Job Corp Center (St. Louis, Missouri)

Reports to the finance & administration director. Directly supervises the property clerk.  Responsible for establishing records, maintaining control of all company and government equipment, consumable property and assisting with accurate reporting of all property information submitted to the government, in compliance with government and management directives.

Essential Functions:

  1. Plan, coordinate, and supervise the administrative activities of the department.
  2. Evaluate staff performance, provide staff training and recommend department and personnel changes.
  3. Assist the director, finance & administration in the preparation of departmental budget; monitor and control expenditures.
  4. Participate in the development and implementation of new and revised policies and procedures affecting property.
  5. Review and audit all assigned areas regularly for contractual compliance and effectiveness of delivery of services to students. Prepare related reports.
  6. Inventory center equipment and supplies.
  7. Determine the availability of government surplus property for the center and coordinate disposal activities.
  8. Ensure all property is properly reported to DOL.
  9. Control storage of all accountable property. Assess internal controls to safeguard all center inventory and make improvements where necessary.
  10. Maintain records on all equipment and consumables.
  11. Review all center equipment transfer forms and control data input to both government and center system; ensure proper control is maintained in the Electronic Property Maintenance System (EPMS).
  12. Monitor purchase requisitions for accountable property.
  13. Responsible for the appearance and everyday housekeeping of the warehouse and other logistic storage areas; ensure the working area is safe and clean.
  14. Maintain warehouse operations during posted hours.
  15. Requires physical exertion to manually lift, move, pull, push, or carry materials or objects.
  16. Requires reaching, bending, stooping, or standing.
  17. Maintain a safe and clean work area that models high standards for a work environment.
  18. Provide positive, quality customer services to students, staff and other center customers.
  19. Participate in student employability programs and activities.
  20. Support, promote, and enforce the Job Corps’ Zero Tolerance Policy.
  21. Promote the development of Career Success Standards by modeling appropriate behaviors, mentoring students where necessary and monitoring both positive and negative behaviors through interventions.
  22. Maintain accountability of students and property; adhere to safety practices.
  23. Cultivate and maintain a climate on center which is free of harassment, intimidation and disrespect to provide a safe place for staff and students to work and learn.

It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties related to the position as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management. Unrelated duties may be assigned in temporary or emergency situations.

Education and Experience Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent and three years’ experience.  Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.  Experience with youth, excellent written and verbal communications skills and computer proficiency required.  Valid driver’s license with an acceptable driving record.


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