Mother Thanks Gadsden Facility for Taking Such Good Care of Her Daughter

Michelle Bolivar wants to express her deep gratitude to the staff at MTC’s Gadsden Correctional Facility in Quincy, Florida. Michelle’s daughter Katherine has been incarcerated for the past seven years. Most recently, she was transferred to the Gadsden facility.

“It’s been hard,” says Michelle. “But, it’s been so comforting to know that my daughter is being treated good at your prison.”

Michell says her daughter will be released in two and half years. And when she comes home, Michelle says she’ll have plenty of family support.

L-R: Michelle Bolivar and her daughter Katherine Gonzales

“Once again, I thank your workers for making my baby happy and nurtured. This really means the world knowing she’s happy… and being treated like a human! You have the program for re-entry, and I am so thankful to your entire staff, correctional officers, all of you. I can’t even express how I feel! [I’m] extremely happy that she’s happy. She says she feels like she’s in a…college dorm. Thank you for giving me relief as well, knowing that she’s content that she’s learning things. [It makes} her feel as if time is flying, and makes it much easier for me to cope with. She’s been gone since May of 2014 and has only a couple of years left. We are almost there, and I am very happy she is there! Thank you all for your efforts. God bless all of you!