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Offender & Detainee Services

On-Site Services

  • Medical Services (physician, nursing, chronic, and routine care)
  • Dental Services – basic to complex
  • Mental Health Services – services include telepsychiatry
  • Medication Management – from procurement through administration
  • EKG – provided on site
  • Diagnostic dental digital x-ray
  • Telemedicine services
  • Management of infectious disease
  • Chronic Care Clinics – for all identified conditions
  • Array of CLIA-waived diagnostic tests
  • Data Management System – a sophisticated proprietary system
  • Utilization Management – supervised by our medical director


MTC Medical delivers quality and appropriate care economically. We partner with our clients and deliver savings by:

  • Negotiating excellent rates with off-site providers and providing prompt payment.
  • Tracking patient outcomes with sophisticated data management systems.
  • Implementing robust utilization management which ensures care is provided appropriately.
  • Maintaining legitimacy of all claims.


This disciplined approach instills confidence in our customers and vendors and provides timely, appropriate care to any custody level or jurisdiction.