NEWS: Female volunteers from Flint Hills Job Corps helping build new playhouse






Photo by Hailey McClellan/KMAN

Manhattan Area Habitat For Humanity and Flint Hills Job Corps have teamed up to bring Habitat’s Women Build week to Manhattan.

On Friday, members were helping build a playhouse for children that visit the Wonder Workshop Children’s Museum. The three-day project began Thursday and is led by Job Corps instructor Cindy Clack and Habitat for Humanity Office Manager Melody Sexton and Larry Liota. Sexton tells News Radio KMAN how this project came about.

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Sexton describes the different dynamics of the project all over Manhattan.

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Flint Hills Job Corps Director Johnny Taylor explains why it was so important to have these ladies representing their programs during this years Habitat Women Build week.

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Photo by Hailey McClellan/KMAN

An informational packet passed out by Habitat for Humanity said that “Although our neighborhoods are comprised largely of women and children, they are also the populations most likely to be affected by poor living conditions.”

Flint Hills Jobs Corps hard hat trades include plumbing, carpentry, cement masonry, welding, building maintenance , and construction craft labor.

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Photo by Hailey McClellan/KMAN

Richard Pitts is the founder and Director of the Children’s Museum. He explains what this playhouse project means to him as well as what it means for the museum.

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Pitts says the supplies for the women build project was even donated by another organization in the community. Thrivent Financial supported the build by helping secure funding for the materials.

Volunteers with both agencies will wrap up its third and final Women Build Day on Tuesday.