“More Focused on Rehabilitation” Says One Cleveland Resident

MTC’s Cleveland Correctional Center is operated for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The facility houses more than 500 residents, providing them with dozens of programs to rehabilitate their lives. Ricki Miles has served time in several facilities and says the Cleveland center is far superior.

“As far as being an inmate assigned here?  This is probably the best time that I’ve ever done in any institute—anywhere. And I believe that the staff, itself, has made it not only easier to not just serve the time, but we’re treated with respect as a human being. It’s given us the ability to wash all of the prison mentality off of us and prepare ourselves to re-enter society.”

“I believe they’re actually more focused on rehabilitation here. Not only just for us to continue our education, but to become a productive member of society. And to be an asset to our family members and our community as a whole.”

“I’m not proud to be in prison. I’m not proud to be in jail, but I am proud of having this opportunity to actually serve the remaining part of my time under MTC’s care.”