Say “Cheese”—How Family Photos are Helping Incarcerated Men at Cleveland

Say “Cheese”—How Family Photos are Helping Incarcerated Men at Cleveland

Maintaining positive relationships between incarcerated men and women and their families is vital to the rehabilitation process—that’s why visitation is so important.

Warden Michael Upshaw, of the Cleveland Correctional Center, in Cleveland, Texas, understands the crucial role of visitation. So, he introduced a new way for families to connect.

During holidays and special occasions, Warden Upshaw gives the men the opportunity to take photos with their families for free. The pictures are then given to family members. In most correctional facilities, the cost of such photos is prohibitive.

Hershel Williams was recently so overcome with gratitude for the free service, he wrote a letter to Warden Upshaw thanking him for the opportunity extended to him and his family.

“I would like to formally say thank you on behalf of everyone who accepted such a generous gesture from a very generous and kind man such as yourself. You, Warden Upshaw, are an exceptional warden unlike any I’ve ever encountered. In just the short period of time that I’ve been at this unit, I’ve witnessed many acts of kindness. These acts are not one of calculated kindness, but real genuine, heartfelt compassion and service for your peers as well as the inmates under your care.”