A second visit to Marana but this time with a commitment to change

Otis Slocum is incarcerated at MTC’s Arizona State Prison-Marana—for the second time. But this time, it’s been a different experience explains Otis.

“Thank God I got sent to Marana again, and got offered the classes. I needed to go to chemical dependency class to try to understand the problem I was dealing with, and Marana offers that.

“The changes that I’ve made here at Marana, MTC, this time around, is…I have to first, by going to classes, have to realize that my problem wasn’t the drugs and the people I was associating with or the circumstances I was in. My problem was me. And this time around, I made sure that I got a hold of me. It’s just given me a good, positive outlook of checking myself, because I am my own worst enemy.

“MTC has had a positive influence in my life by being here. If you’re going to be incarcerated, I figure you should be at a place where you can get this information, and when you’re released you know what you’re dealing with now. You know that the chemicals…what it does to your brain, and how it affects your family, not just you. And that information; you get a lot of important information from being at MTC.”