Texas Mayor Praises Cleveland Facility saying Residents “leave here a lot better”

Mayor of Cleveland, Texas Niki Coates has a strong partnership with MTC’s Cleveland Correctional Center. Mayor Coates explains why his relationship with the facility, especially with Warden Michael Upshaw, is so positive.

“Warden Upshaw has proven to be very helpful in the community. He wants to help, he wants to make himself available in whatever he can do. He has a desire, he has a passion for the inmates and what they do when they leave here.”

“I’m not used to talking to prison wardens. They have this reputation of the dark sunglasses and being very firm and stern and mean, but that’s not so.  He is totally opposite of that.  However, as he gave me a walk-through, he has the respect of everyone in that building.”

“And it’s obviously very helpful for the inmates. They’re learning a lot. They leave here a lot better than they were when they came in, through their programs. The track record is there for people to see.”

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