Community Leaders Inspired by Treatment of Women at Lockhart Facility

Community Leaders Inspired by Treatment of Women at Lockhart Facility

MTC has operated the Lockhart Correctional Facility for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice since September 2015. Since then, various programs have been added, enhanced, and enlarged.

Two visitors to the facility recently commented on what they saw during their tours.

Pam Randall, who’s with Life Restoration, is working with Warden James Frawner to launch the Moses Project at the facility. The Moses Project makes baskets for infants and underprivileged youth.

Pam wrote to Warden Frawner:

It was such a great pleasure to tour your facility in November…I continue to be amazed at the positive atmosphere at the Lockhart Unit. Amazed really doesn’t say it all!  Rosie the Riveter and the “We can do It!” motto is the perfect symbol for your unit. 

Not only are the offenders met daily with edifying affirmations, the officers seemed empowered to make a difference in the women’s lives…This positive atmosphere was evident in every hallway and every dorm we visited. I can say for sure that women’s lives are being changed on a daily basis at Lockhart.

The programs at Lockhart are impressive. Of course, I loved the Paws for Prison and cannot wait to visit again. I was particularly touched by the faith dorm. All the women were actively engaged in the program and immersed in the class we visited. The volunteers were very professional.  Then the industry program—all I can saw is WOW! From my viewpoint, that program builds confidence, assurance and self esteem while providing job training. 

A volunteer with the Kairos Prison Ministry spent some time with the women during the holidays and was amazed at what she heard. Ann Finch also wrote to Warden Frawner:

Just a note to share with you some of the comments I heard while we visited with some of the offenders during the holiday season. With tears in their eyes and much gratitude in their hearts, many of the offenders talked about how wonderful the “Day with Mom” was.  Some of the women had been involved as participants, some were involved with the set up and some just heard the joyous laughter of the children in the hallways as they went about their normal daily activities. That program seemed to have touched the hearts of everyone in a joyful and positive manner…And, as usual, there was much talk of how much the women appreciate how they are treated in this facility. They seem to treasure what seems to be the smallest of privileges like being spoken to with kindness and care by the staff, being able to speak to other offenders in the hallway, being able to participate in the many programs offered, and to being able to “work in industry”.

I think you, your staff and your institution are doing a remarkable job of providing opportunities for the offenders to change that attitude of hopelessness, worthlessness, inferiority and despair into hopefulness, joy and self-respect. You are preparing the offenders to leave your prison as a better adjusted, more confident and hopeful person! I want to thank you for all you do!