Diboll Civic Center Director Praises MTC Facility

The Diboll Correctional Center in Texas is closely connected to the community.

“I tell you what,” says Loretta Christmas. “we couldn’t do it without them sometimes. They’re a tremendous help.”

Loretta is the director of the Lottie & Arthur Temple Civic Center. She’s very grateful for the work done by the men at the Diboll facility.

“There are times where, last minute, we have to make a phone call. ‘Hey look, I am stuck in this position, and I need help.’ And they have just bent over backward for us.”

Every week, the incarcerated men help set up and take down tables and chairs for various events.

And for Loretta, the interaction with these men is a great opportunity to help guide and encourage them to stay on the right track.

“I’m always telling them, ‘You behave. You be good. I want to see you next week. I don’t want to see you in trouble. You be good.’”

And that genuine interest and concern makes a difference in the lives of these incarcerated men.

“They’re always telling me, ‘Oh, Miss Loretta, I did good this week. I did this…’ You know, telling me their accomplishments throughout the week. It’s good to hear, and they’re proud of themselves when they accomplish those good things.”