Idaho Corrections Leader Says MTC Training Academy “Most Trusted”

Idaho Corrections Leader Says MTC Training Academy “Most Trusted”

Division Administrator Victor McCraw, Idaho POST (Boise, ID)

“When the Idaho Department of Correction finds themselves in a bad position, where we, POST, either financially or logistically, are not able to run an academy for them, MTC has stepped up and run an entire academy class, serving not only their internal personnel at the CAPP facility, but also Idaho Department of Correction students. [They] have helped us out as a state agency in taking on that student load, performing those duties where we couldn’t internally; doing it to standard as good or better than we could’ve done it ourselves.”

“In the case of MTC, especially the CAPP facility, we, POST, have zero issues with any of their personnel that they send to us for basic training. When I look at the nine disciplines that we certify here at POST, all the way up to patrol officer, if I was to point at any one discipline, and any one subset of a discipline, of which we have the least amount of issues, I would say it’s MTC.”

“The MTC Academy is probably the most trusted external academy in the state of Idaho. We have no issues with wondering or worrying if our standards are being maintained within that academy.  Those standards are being maintained, their students regularly pass our exams, usually with higher average scores than some of our on-campus students.”