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Expertise and Services

MTC will draw on a philosophy of caring to provide ex-offenders with a series of proven, tailored interventions that give them the opportunity to improve their lives and be successfully reintegrated back into society.

This approach is based on the following objectives:

  • Reviving the best values of the probation services through modern, innovative, and proven methods of international best practice in offender management
  • Improving data management which means more time is spent working with offenders rather than on paperwork and bureaucracy
  • Introducing an offender cohort model which will see groups of offenders – women, 18-25 year olds, working age males, older males and those with a chronic illness, mental illness or intellectual disabilities – identified before services are tailored around the needs of each cohort.

For each we will deliver three overlapping elements for all offenders:

  1. Improving access to relevant treatments
  2. Increasing offenders’ social capital through better accommodation and social support
  3. Improving offenders’ access to personal development opportunities that improve the values, morale, stability, habits and skills of all offenders

MTC will also be a partner in the wider transformation of the offender rehabilitation system in England. We will support a step change in the way we support and rehabilitate offenders; and will ensure that all prisoners, regardless of the length of their sentence, start to prepare for their reintegration back into society from the day they are imprisoned.

MTC will establish relationships with all offenders, including those with sentences of 12 months or less, on the day they enter prison, making sure their time in prison is spent productively on activities, education, and health programs that will help to reduce the chance of reoffending again on release.