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Key Community Partners

MTC is founded on the principles of partnership, and we draw on decades of experience in public, community, and justice services.

We are a new venture between the third, public, and private sector, which has been established to provide rehabilitation and offender management services.

Our delivery partners include:

  • SOVA – a charity focusing on the involvement of volunteers in the delivery of services. SOVA will spearhead our mentoring arrangements and will support us in our through-the-gate activities.
  • Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI) – a criminal justice, health, and social care charity that specializes in delivering national drugs and alcohol services to offenders.
  • Northern Inclusion Consortium (NIC) – a consortium of northern-based charities, specializing in drugs and women’s issues.
  • Prison Advice and Care Trust (PACT) – a national charity with a presence in 35 prisons across England and Wales which supports people affected by imprisonment; both offenders and their families.
  • St Andrew’s Healthcare – the UK’s largest nonprofit mental health care charity who will provide significant clinical and research experience regarding learning disabilities and mental health.
  • Step Change Debt Charity – the UK’s largest single provider of debt management plans.
  • Sanctuary Supported Living (SSL) – one of the largest housing providers in the UK, creating ‘supported living’ settings with care for vulnerable people.