A Staff Member with BIONIC strength recognized at the Otero II Facility

With so many outstanding and dedicated MTC staff members, it’s hard to single out just one—but Warden Ray Terry at the Otero County Processing Center wanted us to recognize one man for the influence he’s having on so many people.

Charles Berry serves as the chaplain at the facility in Chaparral, New Mexico. Warden Terry says he’s known as one who consistently goes above and beyond in spreading MTC’s BIONIC attitude. BIONIC stands for Believe it Or Not I Care, a slogan which encapsulates the company’s desire for all staff to genuinely care about those we serve and serve with.

Chaplain Berry carries the reputation of treating everyone equally, regardless of faith, and strives to provide counsel to any who are in need.

“I’m not here to preach to detainees,” says Chaplain Berry.  “I’m here to motivate, inspire, encourage, and, more importantly, give them hope.”

MTC salutes Chaplain Berry and all staff members who strive daily to foster a BIONIC attitude wherever they are and whatever their position.