NEWS: My visit to a private prison

NEWS: My visit to a private prison





By Tim Cassle

I’ve had the opportunity to attend several of the community relations luncheons that Management & Training Corporation (MTC), private-run Lindsey State Jail, have hosted for business leaders of Jacksboro and Jack County.

On the entrance sign, along with MTC, the word “BIONIC” is displayed. During my visits, I’m reminded by many staff members, that “BIONIC” stands for “Believe It Or Not I Care”. Certainly, I do sense the feeling that they sincerely care about the inmate’s well-being and ways to improve their life alter release from prison.

I learned of the various opportunities that are available to the inmates. They can earn their GED, as well as take other vocational classes, including office computer applications and NCEER (painting & industrial cleaning)/facilities care certificates. Also, offered are classes on Anger Management and Money Smart, regarding finances. There are “Faith” based dorms, as well as groups involved with Alcoholics Anonymous and Toast­masters for the benefit of those interested in these programs.

Tours have allowed me to observe some classrooms in session and visit with some of the inmates regarding the opportunities that are being afforded them while in prison. Many of them stated they felt fortunate and expressed their appreciation for all that was available to them. The healthcare (medical) facilities seemed very efficient and provide good quality care, while working with Faith Community Hospital for any additional services needed for inmates.

Not only is the MTC management committed to providing necessary educational classes and other programs for the rehabilitation of the inmates (BIONIC), they are actively involved in our local organizations, such as Chamber of Commerce and Lions Club.

Anytime I interact with the management, I honestly feel they desire to be good partners within our community and are an asset to us.

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