Prison Volunteer Group Recognizes MTC’s Commitment to Rehabilitation

Prison Volunteer Group Recognizes MTC’s Commitment to Rehabilitation

Volunteers play an important role in the rehabilitation of incarcerated men and women. MTC values our volunteers and is grateful for their commitment to helping us change lives.

Kairos Prison Ministry is a faith-based group of volunteers who strives to reach out and make a difference. Recently, the Kairos chapter from New Braunfels, Texas visited the Lockhart Correctional Facility in Lockhart, Texas. Following their visit, Kelly Luedeke, of Kairos, sent a note to Warden Jennifer Brown thanking her and her staff for their partnership. The note reads as follows:


Dear Warden Brown, 

It was a great honor and pleasure for us to have you attend the Kairos Closing. Your gracious words to the volunteers and guests were greatly appreciated!

Thank you for taking your day off to participate in the Kairos Weekend. I know that the Kairos graduates were encouraged by your presence and your words.

The Kairos volunteers are so grateful to serve at Lockhart where we are welcomed into a very positive environment. It is incredible what MTC is doing to impact the lives of the residents and to give them a future and a hope.

It is a privilege to be part of your mission.