Expertise and Services

MTC’s Economic & Social Development staff members are dedicated to helping individuals and communities reach their potential through high-quality, targeted workforce development policies and programs that meet labor-market demands. MTC’s commitment to building strong workforce systems is centered around four key areas:

  1. Effective Workforce Development
    MTC assists governments, international development organizations, and private and public partners in developing workforces capable of meeting global market challenges and economic goals.
  2. Customized Workforce Systems
    MTC specializes in creating customized systems, including labor market assessment, government capacity building, academic education, vocational training, and job-placement development.
  3. Quality Workforce Training
    MTC provides quality vocational and workforce training that includes assessing community and industry needs, creating and adapting learning materials, and upgrading teacher and staff skills.
  4. Strong Public/Private Partnerships
    MTC specializes in public/private partnerships, optimizing funding sources, creating fiscal options, raising revenues, and tracking outcomes.

Human Performance Improvement

Diane Crosby, director, program development for Economic & Social Development has obtained a certificate in Analyzing Human Performance Improvement from the Association for Talent Development, Washington, DC.

Human Performance Improvement (HPI), also referred to as Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD), does not rely on training as a standard performance solution.  HPI provides a model with a series of analyses, methodologies, and tools that identify performance gaps in an organization. HPI analysis looks at identifying the fundamental causes for the lack of institutional outcomes across 7 areas of influence: training, incentives, tools, technology, management, information, and processes.   It acknowledges that training is only effective in addressing performance gaps related to skills and knowledge acquisition of individual performers.  Rather, HPI focuses on a results-oriented systems assessment approach to improvements that may or may not be addressed through training.

USAID has integrated HPI/HICD initiatives in its development portfolio as a necessary aspect of long-term institutional development with measurable and sustainable results.  MTC’s Economic & Social Development Division currently holds two active USAID indefinite quantity contracts for implementing HICD-related projects.


Diane can be reached at or 801-693-2972.