"They’re human beings that look just like me and you who have made some mistakes; some small mistakes, some big

“Gadsden is so different, and I think its because its run by MTC; because they treat us as an individual

The Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center has teamed up with the City Colleges of Chicago to place students in

“I’ve been in a lot of programs since I’ve been locked up, but this program is something different. To see

The Gary Job Corps Center in San Marcos, Texas honored alumnus and Kyle Police Officer Dago Pates

Congressman Henry Cuellar of Texas is a big supporter of Job Corps. He is a member and former leader of

“The officers here speak to you with kindness and call you by your last name. They say Ms. Barnett

Mentored by Instructor Jeff Wagner, Sierra Nevada Job Corps cement students renovated the historic Steamboat Springs Healing Center and Spa. The nonprofit

“I think this gives us a good opportunity to be face to face with outside people. And gives

"And I want to thank you personally. I think what you’re doing there is go