A Leader in Social Impact

Making an Impact by Changing Lives and Enriching Communities

At MTC, caring about others, giving back, and making a social impact are the foundation of all we do. Since 1981, MTC has helped disadvantaged populations rise above their challenges to earn academic and technical training credentials and live meaningful, productive lives. MTC's core business in Corrections, Education & Training, MTC Medical, and Economic & Social Development is helping others to succeed in life and prosper in their communities.


MTC makes an impact in Corrections by preparing offenders to successfully transition into the community. MTC secures and trains nearly 26,000 offenders and detainees daily and more than 75,000 offenders and detainees annually.

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Education & Training

MTC makes an impact in Education & Training by preparing young adults for today's job market. MTC trains nearly 10,000 students daily and nearly 13,000 students annually at its Job Corps centers across the country.

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Economic & Social Development

MTC makes an impact in Economic & Social Development by providing job skills training worldwide to improve people's lives.

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MTC Medical

MTC Medical makes an impact by providing offenders with quality healthcare and promoting healthy lifestyles. MTC Medical provides compassionate health services to nearly 15,000 offenders and detainees daily and more than 41,000 offenders and detainees annually.

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Employment Opportunities

MTC is a leader in social impact because of its dedicated, caring, and effective staff. Join the MTC team as we help improve people's lives across the world!

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$61 million spent supporting small businesses in 2015

We've got a lot going on, so stay up to date on all of our social impact activities.