"I can say they give you a helping hand. They never try to hold you down.”

“If the person is willing to except help and actually seek it

“I wanted to find a job I could enjoy, where I could make decent money. I heard about Job Corps

“I thought that it was the worst thing that ever happened to me. And it turns to be one of

“I appreciate the opportunity that I can come in and give service to people who need it."

“The event is kind of a spoof of the national TV show, Iron Chef. Where two chefs go head to

"The great attitude the Humphrey students bring to each event is always appreciated.” 

BIONIC stands for Believe it Or Not I Care, a slogan which encapsulates the company's desire

"I like the program because it makes me feel positive about doing something good for the community."

In grateful recognition of your valuable contribution to the Maritime Industry. Your commitment to excellence has allowed you to consistently

“It was a great feeling to male toys for kids who needed them,” inmate Christopher Knox said. “It’s nice to

First of all, one of the main purposes of our club is to promote family bonding.

“Learning how to walk again," he says, "was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do."

Chaplains from throughout the Mississippi Department of Corrections gathered at MTC’s East Mississippi Correctional Facility.

“The shoe was kind of on the other foot. They were giving me good reasons why I should work for

"In four years I'll be 14," 10-year-old Jeremy Landon said. "My dad will be out in four years and he

Santa Claus came out to see kids and the fathers who are in prison at East Mississippi Correctional Facility.

“We get to see our babies. For me, it makes my day to see my two beautiful kids, and to

In Job Corps, one without the other just doesn't work. We're talking about academics and technical training. Students have to

“I believe the creation of this mural was an opportunity to strengthen the community and overall atmosphere here at the