“I want to thank the Taft Institution of California for allowing me to finish my INEA,” he said. “I want

We are extremely grateful for all of your generous support, time, skills, and energy in making the group build in Plainfield a

For over ten years, the Hawaii Job Corps Center has partnered with Ultimate Innovations, a premier landscaping company in the

“She is determined to make a difference in all the offenders’ lives."

"It focuses on changing your thoughts to change your emotions to change your actions."

"I appreciate her professionalism and wished she were a full-time employee and not just an intern.”

"This assignment," says Warden Greg Shirley, "requires hard work, attention to detail, compassion, and dedication.

"I have never experienced the positivity that I have since MTC has taken over the unit here at Bradshaw."

It's made a big difference in my life and helped a whole, whole lot!

"I haven’t seen my son in over seven years, so, just getting back and reacquainted with him—it was beautiful.”

"As a father, it's my responsibility to make sure they're ok, make sure they're good, make sure they're not going

“Hi, I’m Jericho Pettengill. I come from Cornelis, Oregon, and my trade is pharmacy tech.

“We don’t know where the dogs are going, but they come from broken homes — the streets,” Rodriguez relayed. “We

"We go into the detention center, and it is peaceful. It is clean. They’re well fed. They’re well taken care

"They teach us and we teach them," said Rodriguez. "It's taught me a lot of responsibility and it's helped me

“Everyone thinks it’s us training these dogs. But in reality—the dogs are training us.

“I could not have done this without my instructor and staff members at Job Corps."

While MTC operates three detention centers for ICE, MTC has no involvement in the Administration’s immigration policies.

"There are so many programs and so much help out there that the only thing you have to do is