“I’m glad that these people gave us a chance to do things in a positive way for our family and

On Wednesday, her students made a field trip to the Philadelphia Job Corps Life Science Institute, where they learned, just

Cleveland Correctional Center Warden Michael Upshaw said these men are on track to get out. And they can either leave

You could tell that she genuinely cared, and she wanted to do everything in my CBI [cognitive behavioral intervention] class. 

“My goal is to own my own business. Hopefully a carpentry shop or construction site."

"They really and truly made a big impact, a big change in my life especially when I look at how

"It taught me about opposition.  To stop blaming other people for my mistakes.  To start holding up for what I

It is programs like the Job Corps that continue to make the American Dream possible by creating opportunities for all

“If you was to see my rap sheet, you would say, God. People can’t believe it right now that I’m

The Gary Job Corps Center in San Marcos, Texas recently expanded its partnership with the city of Kyle, Texas.

“I feel like this gives me a purpose and will help to keep me out of trouble in the future.”

"It shows them another way of living," says Officer Jones. "Another way of living their life in a m

“This gives our painting students an opportunity to learn from and work with union workers and tradesmen

The recent Turner Job Corps summer graduation showcased the milestones of its students. The event included the first “Rose Ceremony”

"It’s truly a blessing to have connected with such a great partner in the community and an ambassador to the

I’m not much older than them (I’m 17), but training here at Job Corps makes you grow up faster.”

We all know how much good work Habitat for Humanity does in communities around the world. The organization is building

"They leave here a lot better than they were when they came in, through their programs. The track record is there

“Job Corps is the best decision of my life," says Tyriek Holmes, one of the scholarship recipients.

You know, they're getting to that age where they're leaving, so we're going to be needing more linesman."