Based on recent news of immigrant families detained and separated at the border, MTC feels it’s necessary to provide information

“So MTC and Imperial Regional Detention Center have really shown the need and care for their detainees and really have

"It's been a highly successful project," adds MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt.

“Well, for GED, statistically speaking, it reduces recidivism."

"My mom has had two back surgeries, and she’s still not doing great, so it would be kind of cool

"Mr. Barnes went out of his way to make sure that all traditional aspects in celebrating this tradition were met."

"It's been so comforting to know that my daughter is being treated good at your prison."

“He’s smart, he’s very persistent, and he never complains. I believe his potential is pretty much unlimited.”

The state gave Otero County Prison Facility an overall rating of 98 percent or highly effective, placing them in first

As soon as Amber finished her training at Wind River Job Corps, she was hired as a Heavy Equipment Operator

“It’s not like this anywhere else I’ve ever been. We have a lot of programs."

It is shameful, how we tend To take for granted those Who love us most and

“The pre-military program helped me become much more disciplined."

"Detainees were very complimentary in staff responsiveness and treatment. Everything was great!”

"But, now that I have a GED, I feel that now I can actually enroll in college and actually be

"I'm looking forward to the challenges as well as all of the success that will continue to come as a result

"Now it’s not just a prison. It’s a working community friendship that we have with them, and they’re a huge

“I want to wish the graduates a bright future,” said WRJC Center Director Jim Whitmire.

Management Training Corporation allows the offenders to work different jobs inside the facility. They are also allowed to study and work

“It’s the right thing to do, and I’ll keep doing it.”