"I became discouraged and quit. I did not think school was an option for me."

Stephanie Garcia is a high school student. She’s also a 24-year-old inmate at the Lockhart Correctional Facility, a minimum-security women’s

“I never knew for sure if I would make it. At first, I doubted myself. Now—I believe in myself more

USAID’s Egypt Workforce Improvement and Skill Enhancement Project (WISE)—implemented by MTC—is helping to roll out and strengthen a “peer to

"I’ve never seen an institution like what MTC has as far as the touching of the individual’s mindset with the

I have felt truly supported by everyone, and I know I am on the path to success.”

“I’ve got a group of guys that have put their heart and soul into reclaiming the park for the City

Now, Turner Job Corps students are becoming a part of those conversations.  

      THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN October 3, 2017 The victims of Hurricane Harvey are still mourning and trying to get back to normalcy. And

“They’re a great partner,” he says speaking of the Diboll facility and the offenders who do community service. “We love

Franklin Ariel Nunez-Cruz is being held at the IAH Detention Center in Livingston, Texas. He, along with the other detainees

“Always remember this: a goal without a plan is just a wish. Without the plan, your dreams will remain nothing

“While here at Clearfield, my number-one focus was getting everything I can get to make myself better.”

...the Wind River Job Corps Center is providing a very good return on investment.

Volunteers expressed gratitude to the Dalby officers, the facility, and the community for their generous donations.

“Please pass on my appreciation,” she wrote, “for the way both your office and the Lockhart unit helped me with

“Well, the garden project started with a couple employees, mainly Mr. Van Looy (finance manager),” explains Deputy Warden Terry Wiktorik

“Look. I’m going to tell you like this. I’m 51 years old and been to prison ten times—ten times; numerous

"It kind of helped me get a little bit more prepared to answer the questions in the future.”

“Jacksonville Job Corps is preparing these students to work in this kind of facility. They do a great job with