“I could not have done this without my instructor and staff members at Job Corps."

"They teach us and we teach them," said Rodriguez. "It's taught me a lot of responsibility and it's helped me

“Everyone thinks it’s us training these dogs. But in reality—the dogs are training us.

"There are so many programs and so much help out there that the only thing you have to do is

Not only does Job Corps prepare young people to succeed in today’s workforce, it also gives them opportunities to give

"I think people have a pre-conceived notion of what a detention facility is like, but [at] this facility, they want

“I loved hearing that MCCF [Marshall County Correctional Facility] has been selected by our Awards Committee for this award."

"This music has helped me become a more positive and better person."

"I knew as soon as I came to Job Corps that I was on a mission and that every single

"My teacher helped me on the things I needed help with and after three weeks, I passed all of the

The group learned about the duties of security personnel at the park including how to handle potential threats

“I truly feel that I have the right tools now to stay a productive member of society."

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"It's been a highly successful project," adds MTC Vice Chair Jane Marquardt.

“Well, for GED, statistically speaking, it reduces recidivism."

"My mom has had two back surgeries, and she’s still not doing great, so it would be kind of cool

“So MTC and Imperial Regional Detention Center have really shown the need and care for their detainees and really have

"Mr. Barnes went out of his way to make sure that all traditional aspects in celebrating this tradition were met."

"It's been so comforting to know that my daughter is being treated good at your prison."