“The most rewarding part of my job," says Larry, "is having the students  go out there prepared. My students are

"They want to see you get out and stay free. They don’t treat you like you’re a criminal still. They

“You get a degree from Baylor University. I mean, who goes to prison and comes out with a degree from

    March 14, 2018 Offenders tend to in-house garden, all produce delivered to local charities Offenders in Management Training Corporation’s Billy Moore Correctional

“This is a great opportunity because it’ll allow me to find better work in Mexico and to be able to

"Completing the program at Humphrey," says Sanders, "was the best present I could have ever given my parents."

“I feel like if someone believes in you, actually believes that you can actually be a good person—it makes you

Programs such as the NRDAP program help reduce recidivism and prepare offenders to successfully re-enter society by

21 year old Turner Job Corps student Jeffrey Hampton along with two dozen other students spent the afternoon

Players are expected to have perfect attendance, be punctual and excel in the classroom

The Kyle Correctional Center, in Kyle, Texas, offers a financial literacy class for the incarcerated men to help them prepare

The Earle C. Clements Job Corps Academy pre-military program reached a new milestone! For the first time, students from the

But inside the walls of the Otero County Prison facility, Matthews found friendship with other veterans who were incarcerated.

The men and women serving time at MTC detention centers are typically detained for short durations. Throughout their brief stay,

"Thank God I got sent to [Arizona State Prison] Marana again

"Job Corps has made me a better person."

“I’m really impressed with MTC and their commitment to programming. I think it takes great courage to bring in people

“We’re very appreciative of them,” says Salvation Army Lieutenant John Acosta.

A big shout-out goes to a group of Clearfield Job Corps students and recreation staff member Alison Barlow for making

Among many other well-known civil-rights events, Anne participated in the famous Woolworth’s sit-in, in Jackson, MS, shown in this photo