“I want to wish the graduates a bright future,” said WRJC Center Director Jim Whitmire.

Management Training Corporation allows the offenders to work different jobs inside the facility. They are also allowed to study and work

“It’s the right thing to do, and I’ll keep doing it.”

"The Job Corps program is the best thing in securing our students' future."

If you remember the recent story about the Sierra Nevada Job Corps Trade Olympics, you'll recall that students were competing

“It’s helped me to address a lot of things that I’ve needed to address from my past: failures, triggers."

"He treated us like ladies. He treated us like people."

"Having our students work with the volunteers gave them hope and a strong message that they too can succeed in a

“It’s changed my life in the way where I can make better decisions. And I believe I can see my

“Job Corps is changing the lives of so many motivated, low-income youth who would not otherwise have a chance to

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson spoke to more than 500 men and women at the East Texas Treatment Facility, inspiring

"You see that the officers respect the rights of the immigrants."

MTC Medical was created in 2005. The new division gave MTC the opportunity to provide high-quality medical services to the

"By the time I graduated, my confidence had really skyrocketed.”

Job Corps has positioned itself as the premiere preapprenticeship program

Lucky for her, a group that stopped by last year for a ride came from Albany's Turner Job Corps.

"I can definitely say that I can walk through this facility every day and I never worry about what's over

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) instructor Tim Wilent was named Educator of the Month by Acme Markets in Philadelphia. He was

Representative Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) sees the value of providing education and training to American youth who need a jump-start and

“They’re very much a good corporate citizen,” says Ms. Randall, “it's wonderful to have them here."