Betty Tyre: Corrections Care Matters

The MTC Medical division provides medical services at many of the facilities we operate. The medical team at each site is led by a Health Services Administrator` or HSA.

All of us throughout MTC want to take a moment to salute each one of our HSAs, knowing they represent the determination and fortitude of every member of their team at each facility where MTC Medical has a presence.

In this story, we pay tribute to Betty Tyre, the HSA at the Gadsden Correctional Facility in Quincy, FL. Jerry Buscher is the warden.

Warden Buscher: “We have a responsibility, as a correctional facility, to provide proper medical health care. And Ms. Tyre ensures that’s done to level. Betty Tyre has been a joy to work with. Betty is very personable; (the) staff want to work with Betty. She’s very receptive to the inmate population’s needs.”

Betty Tyre with GCF Medical Staff

Betty: “BIONIC means making sure you take care of your patients; listening to the problem, but also making sure that you establish order, especially in this type of environment. Just making sure they follow policy, along with making sure the care is taken care of emotionally and physically.”

Warden Buscher: “She’s not afraid to get in and work right alongside all the medical professionals in the unit. And she treats people fair. She has a very calming effect in that unit but is very receptive to the needs of the facility.”

Betty: “Being able to help populations like this, and making sure they are being able to get their medical care and effective and adequate care – especially in a population like this – that’s the most rewarding part of it. I also enjoy the fact that I have an amazing team. We all collaborate together to find the most effective way to fix problems. I couldn’t ask for a better staff.”

Betty Tyre working at GCF